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I got (from this workshop)...

Excellent information. I learned so much and I feel much better knowing what to do and also what not to do.

Very worthwhile information regarding the safe handling, usage and disposal of chemicals.

Better information than I was expecting. Very useful/practical ways to deal with safety issues in the classroom.

Information important to lab safety and procedures that will protect myself and my students.

A thing I value from this experience is...

I am now more aware of ways to address the safety issues concerning my classroom.

The "Science Laboratory Safety Manual" It can be a great reference.

A better understanding of the potentially hazardous situations that exist in my chemical storage room.

Learning the safety procedures that are appropriate for my school as well as dealing with chemicals.

I wish...

My principal and other county administrators had been here to answer school specific and county specific questions.

ALL of my colleagues in science could receive this information.

Administrators/principals were required to take this seminar.




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