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Science Safety Laboratory Seminars Customized Comprehensive Science Safety Laboratory Program

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Science Safety Laboratory Seminars

  • Professional development seminars in science safety for science teachers, administrators, school system administrators, pre-service and student teachers
  • One-day seminars provide science teachers with safety training required by the Laboratory Standard
  • Three day or Week-long seminars are NIOSH-based safety courses:
    Level 1 – Science Safety Facilitators Seminar "Becoming a Qualified Chemical Hygiene Officer" for K-12 Schools"
    Level 2 – Building a Sustainable Science Safety Program
  • State Specific Science Safety workshops from 1 to 3 days. Also will do the Week long Level 1 workshop for any state.
    State Specific presentations made
    • Hawaii (3 day)
    • North Carolina (4 hrs, 3-day,1 week)
    • South Carolina (1 day & 3-day)
    • Arizona (2 day)
    • Colorado (1 day)

Level 1 – Science Safety Facilitators Seminar                        

Status of Laboratory Safety in NC & National Trends            
Legal Liability Issues, Tort Law     
Laws for Teachers and School Systems
Safety & School Administrators         
Science Related Court Cases              
Student Involvement
First Aid
Record Keeping
Personal Protective Equipment
OSHA’s Perspective                             
OSHA State-Plan States vs Federal OSHA States
What to expect from an OSHA Inspection?
OSHA Citations, Fines
NIOSH & EPA’s Perspective                             
Federal Regulations & Recommendations                                         
Hazardous Communication Plan
OSHA Laboratory Standard/Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Hygiene Plans / Hazard Communication Plans / Bloodborne Pathogens / Emergency Action Plans
How to be a CHO                          
Chemical Management
Chemical Storage                                                            
Exposure Guidelines (PEL, TLV, REL)
Handling Chemical Reagents        
Waste Management Program       
EPA-School Chemical Cleanout Campaign (SC3)
How School Systems Handle Chemical Waste
Hazardous Waste Disposal                    
“Cradle to Grave ”
Biological Hazards                                                                                 
Radiation Hazards
Laboratory Glassware& Hardware                              
School Facilities Panel Discussion
Fire & Electrical Safety
Laboratory & School Safety Assessments
Utilizing Web-Base Applications to Fulfill Safety Training            

Level 2 Building a Sustainable Science Safety Program
For Graduates of Level 1 This session is a “hands-on” learning by doing experience by participant
Customized Comprehensive Science Safety Laboratory Program C2S2LP

Implementation of a science safety program                                
Preparation for School Assessments                                      
Science laboratory assessments (field) (Middle School) 
Science laboratory assessments (field) (High School)
Awareness Session Presentations Powerpoint Development / Presentations
Prioritization Setting Activity
Cost Analysis and Problem Resolution
Needs Assessment reports preparation
Middle School Assessment Reports Development
High School Assessment Reports Development
Needs Assessment reports for Schools and LEAs Development
Needs Assessment Prioritization Reports Development
Designing an Ideal Science Facility
Elementary School Science Safety Program
CHO Qualifications
CHP Updates sharing
Administrators Training Needs
Science Safety Training Program for teachers

Customized Comprehensive Science Safety Laboratory Program
C2S2LP Process Overview

Phase I—Awareness

  • Outlines the policy and laws that require the development a comprehensive science laboratory program and the Chemical Hygiene Plan/Hazard Communication Plan*
  • Informs administrators of their responsibilities regarding science laboratory safety
  • Introduces electronic tools which assist all aspects of safety, including the S&SCS Chemical Inventory CD and NIOSH CD
  • Establishes a local team approach for evaluation of their safety programs

Knowledge base to begin the change process

Phase II—Lab Evaluation at the Local Level (Based on the knowledge base, evaluation and management tools from Phase I)

  • Analysis of how conditions measure up to standards
  • Needs Assessment Report for each school and for the school system
  • Documentation by Science & Safety Consulting Services Staff consisting of:
  • Self-evaluations by local personnel of their labs
  • Interviews
  • Validation of self-evaluation and observations
  • Examination of local documents

    Strategies for optimizing facilities
    Needs assessment report for each school and system-level recommendations

Phase III—Needs Assessment Prioritization and Policy Meeting

Team meets again to:

  • Prioritize the issues identified in the Needs Assessment Report
  • Brainstorm viable solutions
  • Determine responsibilities and local protocols
  • Establish long-term and short-term targets for compliance
  • Begin development of individual Chemical Hygiene Plan/Hazard Communication Plan*
  • Design an infrastructure for accountability and sustainability

Tracking systems
Correction plan
Policy development
Chemical Hygiene Plan/Hazard Communication Plan

Phase IV—Ongoing Safety Plan

  • Ongoing professional development for administrators and teachers*
  • Updating of the Chemical Hygiene Plan/ Hazard Communication Plan*

Safe and compliant laboratories
Well-informed personnel

*Required by state and federal laws


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